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All the features you need

Requestor has all of the features you need to get job done. From accepting requests, to assigning tasks, and following up with your teams - read more about everything the system has to offer below!

Easy request forms

Select from a preconfigured library of request for assistance forms. Easily share forms for use by the community, personnel, customers, or your call centers.

Damage & clean-up, requests for resources, shelter or transport, services outages, water or gas issues, requests for volunteer assistance, and more.

Community assistance requests

Capture and triage community requests for assistance through calls, web forms, and mobile. Automatically route to different people for approval and assignment.

Teams and assignment

Easily configure your teams so when disaster strikes, you can automatically assign the best people to the right task every time. Assign requests manually or automatically, based on request category or zip code. Requestor can select the best person within a team to action each task, automatically sharing the load around.

Task lifecycle management

Manage the entire task lifecycle from approval, assignment, to notification, updates and fulfillment. Dashboard views show tasks by status, age and location, ensuring the most pressing tasks get tackled first and every task is followed to completion.

Task updates

Easily post updates about each task or request, from the field or on any device, logging progress notes, photos, or task worker locations.

Reporting & analytics

Robust reporting and analytics give insight into exactly what is going on – task status or category, team workload, and task backlog. Predictive analytics show the expected time to clear the task queue, based on recent performance.

Alerts & notifications

Keep everyone who needs to know, in the know, always. From stakeholders, to management, internal staff, Disaster Assistance Teams (DAT), CERTs, external organizations, volunteers and more.

Better geospatial information

Integrated mapping helps you visualize the state of play at all times. Tasks can be located by addresses or on a map, and workers can report their location. So you can quickly see where your requests and people are, to ensure the best team for each job and the safety of your crews.

Implementation made easy

Get up and running quickly with a system that is easy to use and easy to scale. Requestor can respond and grow just as quickly as you need it to. A simple wizard and settings capture your rules in minutes and in-application tours get new users up to speed with minimal training.