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Change the way
you think about emergency
requests and task management

Meet Requestor: the next-generation solution for Emergency Managers to manage
community requests for assistance and tasks

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Easy request forms

Community assistance requests

Teams & Assignment

Task lifecycle management

Task updates

Reporting & Analytics

Alerts & Notifications

Better geospatial awareness

Implementation made easy

A solution for any role

Volunteer Disaster Response

Citizen Corps & CERT

Universities & Higher Education


Emergency Services

With Requestor you can

Task staff, volunteers or third parties and monitor real and predicted task close out rate

With Requestor you can

Select your request for assistance forms, and easily collect key information from anywhere

With Requestor you can

Quickly distribute requests or tasks to the right people or teams

With Requestor you can

Manage tasking for small or large scale critical events

With Requestor you can

Integrate with operational systems: call centers, incident management, dispatch, personnel management systems

With Requestor you can

Create tasks and checklists and monitor progress in real time

With Requestor you can

View and allocate tasks geospatially

With Requestor you can

Create response roles and teams to manage requests and tasks

With Requestor you can

Access from anywhere with apps and optimized web access from mobile

Access anywhere on any device

Requestor is built by Noggin, an organization of seasoned incident and emergency management professionals with over 15 years of experience helping major public safety organizations and corporations manage disruption smarter.

Noggin Requestor is the first standalone request and task management system in the next-generation Noggin platform. Built from Noggin's experience in developing large scale task management systems for emergency management, Noggin Requestor is here to change the game on requests for assistance and emergency tasking.